12 Incredible Gifts For The Music Lover

The festive season is again upon us summoning to sort meaningful gifts for special persons in our life. Choosing a gift for people is hard, start by exploring gift options according to their personality. If you happen to have music lover friends then this list will narrow down your search.

Here are a few awesome gift options that could work well for music lovers. All you need to do now is choose from creative gift items to make this festive season memorable for your friend with a statement gift.

Karaoke microphone speaker

Celebrate your friend’s love for karaoke with a karaoke microphone speaker and help. They say goodbye to overpriced karaoke bars and clubs. The fun of karaoke nights is now easily achievable in the living room. Just brace yourself and be ready to sing with your best song when they will plan the next karaoke night after your gift!

Wall guitar hanger

If you have a guitarist friend who often complains about the lack of space to arrange several guitars in their apartment this might be the greatest solution for them. Unique wall guitar hangers are sturdy and are a great way to showcase one’s guitar collection.

Musical instrument themed cookies

Who doesn’t love delicious cookies right? What if you can give your music lover friends a box of cookies in the shapes of popular music instruments?  This will be a visual treat for them. They might even feel guilty about breaking the delicious cookies given their artistic shapes! Like cake store online, various online cookie shops are known for making creative sweet treats.

Lyrics coaster

Lightweight wooden coasters engraved with soulful lyrics is a great choice for someone obsessed with music. You can have these coasters in their favourite design and personalise them with the lyrics of their favourite song.

Custom made mixtape

If you care too much for your music lover friend and wouldn’t mind sparing extra minutes to surprise them with something unique then make a mistake with all their favourite songs. They will cherish the tape forever.

Birth month guitar picks

Extraordinary guitar picks in the pattern of birth month stone is something out of the box for your guitarist friend. A small box of guitar pics with a personalised note will make them happier than you could imagine.

Musical notes vintage clock

An unusual vintage clock with musical notes and other music elements as a creative touch will be an amazing gift and a nice upgrade for your friend from regular wall clocks.

Musical serving boards

Musical serving boards will be a great addition to your friend’s kitchenware. Apart from being extremely usable, they will depict a part of their colourful personality.

Lyrical themed phone case

Musical themed phone covers are simple, useful and sophisticated gifts for any die heart music lover.

A music box

Having a  cool music box is the dream of many music lovers. It Takes some pain to find our expert craftsman who can make great music boxes at an affordable price you’re your friend.

Vintage Bluetooth and FM radio

The advent of smartphones has mostly wiped out vintage radios that we’re once the true companion of all music lovers. Gift your friend some good old nostalgia in the form of a vintage Bluetooth and FM radio.

A musical charm bracelet

Charm bracelets are subtle jewellery that compliments any look. Gift your friend a musical charm bracelet to honour their taste in music.

Band themed cake

Gift your friend a personalised cake themed after their favourite music band. Choose cake online delivery to avoid the inconvenience of carrying the artistic creation from the bakery to your friend’s residence.


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