6 Incredible Uses Of Graphite In Everyday Life

You all know that minerals are one of the necessary things in our daily life. Graphite is the most common ingredient that is broadly used to manufacture different things. The parent source of graphite minerals is a metamorphic rock. The graphite can be made with carbon that is constrained to extreme pressure and temperature. This mineral has a crusty texture with a light stroke that is capable to divulge.

However, graphite is the naturally occurring crystalline carbon, and it is soft in nature. When you use graphite, you find that it is greasy and have low gravity features. Graphite is almost found all over the world. The graphite mineral is black and greyish in color. It is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. It is characterized into three forms; crystalline, flake, and amorphous.

Let’s read 5 incredible uses of graphite in our everyday life. Read this blog thoroughly to acquire the best knowledge.

1.      Use To Make Writing Material 

The word graphite is composed of the Greek language that means ‘to write’. Graphite is used to make pencils lead. The pencils nib are made up of graphite lead, it is not purely a form of graphite. But, has serge amount of clay is utilized to create the lead. So, it becomes strong enough to write. Graphite helps to record your ideas and building compositions. Whether you are a painter or textile artist, you should know graphite pencils classified in different categories such as hard, soft black, hard black, etc.

2.      Use To Make Lubricants

The use of lubricants is quite common in our daily life. Especially, if you are a user of heavy machines, you know that how much oil is vital to operate a heavy machine. Graphite is used in car brakes or clutches. When graphite reacts with atmospheric water, it creates a thin layer on the surface to reduce friction. Graphite is also used as the protective coating on different products like wood.

3.      Use Of Graphite In Electrical Industry 

Those who are working in the electrical industry, realize that graphite is one of the critical factors to make electrical circuits. You can buy graphite electrodes in crystalline form, which is the most essential ingredient in the electrical industry. Moreover, graphite has the capacity to absorb neutrons and move in a very high state. The use of graphite in nuclear reactors is quite common and also stabilizes the reaction of neutrons.

4.      Use Of Graphite In Batteries

The use of gadgets is common these days. The reason is they are easy to access and handle easily. However, these gadgets have batteries that are considered portable power sources. the key component used to manufacture cells is graphite. A graphite electrode buyer says graphite helps to construct fast-charging batteries. These batteries are usually used as the power source in smartphones. High-grade graphite is used in fuel cells, LEDs, nuclear reactors, solar cells, and semiconductors.

5.      Use Graphite To Make Paints

When it comes to the formation of paints, the use of graphite is popular. When you come across paints, this mineral is used to protect walls. For the production of paints, graphite is used in powder form. However, factories mix the graphite powder to ensure the authentic protection of walls.

6.      Use Of Graphite In Iron Machine 

You can even find the graphite on the upper layer of flat surfaces of a different electric iron. It is essential to cover electric iron with graphite to prevent electric shocks. Graphite also helps to protect iron to melt by pressing heat. Therefore, graphite is also used in refractory material for the production of steel and glass.


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