Digital Evaluation System and its Advantage

Digital assessment in the field of e-learning is nothing less than a major revolution. With the growing popularity of online exams, it was critical to have an effective digital evaluation system in place. The evaluation of answer scripts on the screen is slowly making its way into the mainstream learning environment in order to increase transparency, fairness, and credibility in higher education assessments.

With increasing online classes, every aspect of e-learning is becoming more and more digital. Because the majority of online exams used the MCQ format, it was simple to implement a digital evaluation system. The process of evaluating answer sheets and producing accurate results became faster and more efficient.

The digital assessment system simplifies and makes your testing much more convenient. Digital evaluations are fast, accurate, easy, and highly secure. Evaluators can easily access the digitized answer booklets on the central server and assess the papers. For assessments, the physical answer sheets are digitized and uploaded to the server.

How digital evaluation works

The very earliest form of a digital evaluation system was OMR Sheets. Students had to use a pen or pencil to shade the correct answer on the sheet. The sheets are then scanned with an optical scanning unit, which feeds the data into the machine for analysis. The device then evaluates the correct response and returns a result.

Nowadays optical scanning unit has been replaced by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Integrate these powerful technologies into the assessment framework for a whole new test evaluation experience.

Evaluators may mark a scanned script or online response on the computer screen rather than on paper for the digital assessment method. This system can replicate all the processes that are followed in the manual evaluation of material. This increases ease of adoption with the rich functionality of digital assessment systems that enables tools to be customized to the needs of the individual user. The automated assessment workflow allows for the development of a transparent process with a high level of protection.

It allows evaluators to mark response scripts with a single mouse click. In addition, senior examiners can track and verify the assessment process across several dashboards. As a result, the risk of mistakes and malpractices is minimized, which improves the accuracy of the assessment process. The solution’s ability to provide students with annotated response scripts on demand makes the process clear.

Advantages of a digital evaluation system

The following are some of the benefits of using a digital evaluation system. When introducing such a structure in your academy or college, you will take advantage of these benefits.

Ease and Convenience: This method is beneficial to all stakeholders because it duplicates all manual processes while still providing advantages not available in the manual assessment process. Apart from the logistical benefits, efficient automation, and digitization, it makes the complicated processes of multiple marking, question-by-question marking, and handling the assessment process much easier.

Logistical Management: Logistical management is the organization of the question papers and answer sheets before, after, and during the paper checking process. Physically answer sheet will be kept in a secure location in a central location. You may need to visit this central location and securely evaluate the response sheets if there are thousands of answer sheets to be evaluated.

Quality: Digital assessment can contribute to the quality of assessment. Designated examiners can follow the actual scripts practice process before being screened and qualified for assessment. Quality can be monitored consistently during the seeding process during the evaluation. As part of this process, evaluators receive scripts pre-evaluated for assessment by expert markers. This regular assessment process will improve the overall quality of the assessments.

Identity Disclosure: During the review process, the candidate’s privacy, or more precisely, his or her identity, must be protected. It is one of the most compulsory testing requirements. To prevent malpractices, it is essential to hide classify student information in the conventional way of evaluating answer sheets. Every response sheet should be manually organized to conceal the student’s identity.

Security: In terms of storing student data, the digital assessment system provides a high level of protection. In such systems, the reports have a very low risk of being leaked. To increase protection, the scripts are securely scanned and always encrypted.

Accuracy: Manual evaluation is prone to human error, particularly when there are a large number of papers to evaluate. The digital assessment system, which automates the totaling of points, eliminates this issue.

znbiased: In a manual correction procedure, bias will still creep in. Teachers can be biassed in favor of a student they enjoy working with. Such unequal practices have no place in the digital system. This proves to be a significant benefit for institutes in accurately assessing a student’s skill.

How does Mettl help?

ExaminER by Mettl is a program that allows you to build classes, administer tests, and evaluate your students’ results. They offer Real-time Dashboards for Administrators and Evaluators for a seamless digital evaluation. It helps authorities to make accurate assessments proactively and to save a lot of resources and effort. ExaminER enhances the quality of the examination with the result produced right from its inception. The assessment organization can choose the correct talent for each position time saved, cost-effective, and technologically strong. More than 400 Top Universities and Institutes Across The World already Partner With Mettl. To know more about the online exam platformby Mettl, click here.


The concept of the onscreen marking system is not limited to evaluating students alone, but today organizations use it to evaluate qualified and talented candidates to fill professional vacancies through the aid of digital assessment platforms.


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