How To Manage Online Exam

During the pandemic, most industries, including fashion, groceries, and financial services, have shifted to the online realm. In a similar way, education is facing a technological massive change. An online assessment software program enables schools and colleges to use the internet to conduct exams.

The Online Examination platform automates examination-related tasks such as defining the assessment or exam pattern (MCQs or descriptive), defining exam grading rules, exam goals, exam administration, and evaluation rules. In a nutshell, an online examination system is a mechanism that allows educational institutions to administer whole exams online.

Students can get their user id and password along with their admission card via a secure online examination system. The id is immediately stored in the examination server. At a specific time, the student receives a message to begin the test. The server saves all of the test maker’s answers as well as his or her personal information.

Furthermore, after the test, online examination technology does not enable the student to alter their answers. It also made the process of testing answers more convenient and relaxed, as machines are more reliable and have quicker results than humans. From below check How to manage digital evaluation using online examination technology.

How to manage an online exam system

This online examination system development aims to reduce the costs of administering exams over time by achieving complete automation of examination system-related tasks such as registration and results publication, resulting in a high level of system performance.

Many educational institutions are focusing on Online Exam Portal Development in order to reduce their burdens, and this has proven to be successful. Check how to manage and benefit of the online exam system from below.

Create an Online Exam

The ability of online exam software to create and perform anonymous and planned online testing, to create question banks to randomise questions and answers, establish an examination deadline, avoid questions backtracking, forced-select items, automatically grade / mark, etc.

After login, you must provide information such as the exam’s name, start date, pass percentage, maximum time, and so on. The batch and format of the exam must be chosen by the institutes. You can also deselect students from the chosen batch.

Attendan Online Exam

From the dashboard, students can access the test. On the screen, they will see the choice to “start exam.” The system will take students to the next phase after they select the choice. The exam will now begin in a new window. The remaining time of the exam is also visible in the corner of the screen for students. When the timer runs out, the responses will be sent automatically.

Protect the integrity of exams

Online evaluation software with AI elements and a cheating prevention system installed prevent any suspicious activities during exams. The system’s auto surveillance feature, which uses web cameras to keep an eye on students taking final exams, acts as a virtual invigilator.

It replaces a virtual proctor by constantly monitoring and taking real-time snapshots of the student. From the beginning to the end, the screen capture tracks every single action taken by the student. This feature prohibits students from taking screenshots of the exam as it is being taken. There is no electronic capture option or copy/paste capability vs feature, which makes it impossible for students to cheat during exams.

Reliable and accurate student data

The student data obtained can be entirely reliable and stable with a secured online examination system, without academic dishonesty. The software allows you to evaluate student performance instantly with confidence, after online evaluation. A learning path with focused improvement strategies could be taken on the basis of their values that really reflect their learning. Students get practical insights into their past text achievements and improvise their future learning outcomes.

Publish Results and Reports

Educational organisations should report the results after the assessment and correction process is completed. Students will receive an immediate notification on their devices when the results are released, and they will be able to review the results on the portal.

Final Thoughts :

These are some of the feature every online exam system must have. An good online exam system can effectively manage online exam.

In this digital age, schools and colleges are beginning to recognise the value of technology. And, in a world where there is so much confusion, digital transformation is a ray of hope that will help the education sector thrive.


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