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At this point stunning from the beating he had as of late gotten, Aleksandr Litreev could scarcely acknowledge all that he was being said: Russian authorities had pulled a sack of MDMA from his vehicle and he was being blamed for proprietorship.

Litreev had flown back to his country earlier that day, before a get-together. On the way from the air terminal to his hotel, his vehicle had been surrounded by more than ten vehicles stacked up with furnished military police.

In spite of the way that Litreev submitted to a body search, the climate soured quickly when he wouldn’t open his phone for the authorities, who threw him to the ground and passed a beating that pushed him on to the brink of perception. It was soon after he had been taken to the local police central command that the bunch of prescriptions showed up.

During the month in which he was kept in mid 2020, a couple of additional charges were requested against Litreev interfacing with assumed zeal, scorn talk and responsibility for records. Like the basic charge, Litreev says these cases were all phony. However, given just 0.25% of people that defied Russian courts the previous year were acquitted(opens in new tab), he understood his situation was hysterical.

While confined at home expecting starter, he had the choice to spread out a line of correspondence with the Estonian department, whose staff helped him with moving away over the Narva-Ivangorod line. Litreev declined to give us express nuances, likely due to a distrustful feeling of dread toward jeopardizing the people who helped him with moving away.

The best approach to understanding the motivation behind why Litreev was a goal of the Russian trained professionals, regardless, lies in events that happened different years sooner.


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