Tips to buy foam-based hand sanitizer

While travelling you might have to come across many bacteria, virus and other unseen microorganisms that will turn harmful when you accidentally intake them. Thus, washing your hands remains the vital thing to keep your hands safe. However, washing them with soap and water is not always possible when you are out of your house, and thus it is now possible to maintain your hands clean with the foam-based hand sanitizer that helps to kill many germs on the hands. 

There are changes that these sanitizers do wonders when you don’t have access to water and soap. Thus, before buying the best foam based hand sanitizer, you need to look at the thing below that we discuss for your reference. 

  • Check if the sanitizer contains right amount of alcohol

According to the World health organization, it was stated that the best sanitizer must contain around 60% alcohol to destroy the germs in our hands. And thus non-alcoholic sanitizers are not recommended. thus, ensure to buy the alcohol containing the right amount of alcohol.

  • Look for the combination of ingredients on the label

The alcohol helps in evaporation and thus you need to check if the hand sanitizer contains around 60-8-% of alcohol with the rest water to ensure quick evaporation and killing of germs simultaneously. Thus, the next thing you need to do is to look at the label. Check for the combination of ingredients as few alcohol-based sanitizers come with anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties in them.

  • Check for the type of alcohol

The next thing you need to look into before buying the hand foam based sanitizer is to see the alcohol type in it. As 100% alcohol do not evaporate, they do not destroy the germs permanently. And thus when you wanted to have effective benefit of sanitizer. As ethanol works effectively against killing the germs and other microorganisms, it is better to look at the content before you are buying. 

  • Check the additional ingredients 

Confirm in the label of the hand sanitizer you are buying contains additional ingredients including moisturizing agents, skin softening reagents, and vitamin E that avoids dryness of the skin. Furthermore,

these ingredients avoid keeping your hand hard on consistent usage of the sanitizer over the day.

  • Ensure that the hand sanitizer is fragrance free

Another tip to look into the hand sanitizer before you buy it is to check if it does not contain any fragrance, as it might keep you uncomfortable during the usage. And as we are using it often, this fragrance might remain annoying and sometimes causes irritation. These days foam based sanitizer is now available in all shops and must add to your shopping list.

Other things you might have to look before buying the foam based sanitizer include:

  • Check if they are made out of natural chemicals and so that they are no harsh on your skin upon repeated usage
  • Check if the hand sanitizer is coming is pocket bottle so that you can carry everywhere 


With the above tips you can now buy the best foam based hand sanitizer that protects you from germs and other micro organisms. 



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