Top Mistakes You Are Doing While Writing Your Research Paper

Are you consistently failing to score well in your assignment?

It might be that you are making some repeated errors. As a student, you ought to learn about the errors that you have repeatedly been committing. The first thing that you must focus on is plagiarism-free assignments.

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Other than this one, there are some other mistakes students make in their research. We are discussing them right here in this article.

Top Mistakes You Are Dining While Writing Your Research Paper

Here are certain mistakes that college and university students make in their research papers. Let’s see what kind of mistakes you make.

1. Vague Aims and Objectives And Going Off Topic

The first blunder you make in research is failing to understand the aims and objectives of the research. Now that you completely miss your topic, you might have a chance of misunderstanding the aims and objectives. Misunderstanding your aims and objectives denotes missing your questions completely. This can completely derail your entire research.

2. Mis Formatting The Paper

Formatting is one of the errors that you commit. There are some students that are careless in their organization. They look at the quality of the research and writing. You won’t find them making mistakes with data inputs, but you will see them often conducting some errors all the time with formatting. Slowly negligence turns into a phobia. You need to ensure that you are quite strict with formatting right from the beginning.

3. Using Complex Language

One of the most important requisites to get success in your dissertation is language. Teachers often guide students to write with clarity. But unfortunately, students make some kind of mistakes that cost them heavily.

It is observed that most students have problems with the language. Clarity of expression is something that is easy to say but difficult to implement. Sometimes students use bombastic words to show their erudition. But they actually don’t know how to apply them in a sentence. This is one of the great mistakes that they commit. This can’t be accepted on the student’s part.

4. Disordered/Uncited Floating Elements

The success of a dissertation depends on the use of pictures and statistical images. Without meaningful pictures and data, you can’t prepare a good dissertation. You will keep securing poor marks.

But the bigger mistake is that you provided pictures and statistics of research, but you didn’t mark them. This is an even greater mistake and can not be forgiven under any circumstances.

For example, numbers in Chapter 4: Results and Discussion you could mark as 4.1, 4.2, 4.2.1. Cite the pictures properly. Give the due to the original source wherefrom you take them. That’s academic integrity.

5. Unexpanded Abbreviations

The unexpanded abbreviation doesn’t make any sense. It is not possible for the teacher to know each and every abbreviation’s expanded form. If you are using abbreviated forms right from the beginning, there is a high chance that you will commit mistakes.

For example, the full form of UNESCO is the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization. But if you constantly use UNESCO, it comes under academic error.

6. References And No Citation 

Wrong referencing and no citation are huge mistakes that students commit. Suppose a student is following the Harvard Referencing style; if it takes the reference and cites them wrongly by not following the proper format, that comes under academic misconduct. The correct format for citation is:

(Writer’s name,_year_ pg no).

Sometimes students make another mistake. They take the reference against the information but forget to cite them. That is clear academic malpractice.

7. Not Proofreading

Students take all the hard work to complete the entire writing, but they don’t bother to proofread their assignments. There are different things that students need to consider while proofreading.

These include grammatical errors and the numbering of the figures and tables. Students need to be aware and give sufficient time for proofreading.


In order to conclude, it can be said that students make mistakes, but they need to amend these mistakes.

But the most important thing is knowing the mistakes that you develop a habit of committing. You need to devote more and more time to proofreading to minimize the mistakes you make every time. That’s the key to a successful research paper.


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