What is PCNOK? An insight into the term PCNOK, know everything

Do you know what does the term PCNOK means? This is a term that many people have heard about but must not be knowing what exactly it is. If you are one who is having an interested to know about the term PCNOK. Then here is the post for you. Read the article till the end and know everything about the term PCNOK. Let’s start:

PCNOK aka The Patient Care Network of Oklahoma is one of the largest state networks of primary care providers in the place of Oklahoma. This is the collaboration of around 19 Oklahoma Community Health Centers. As per the information, it has been found that this is the network that was founded back in the year 2014. This was opened with the goal of improving collaboration. For achieving the proper and triple goal of health care reform, this was the organization that was formed by the community health centers of Oklahoma. Hence, this is something brief that you need to know about the term PCNOK.

What is the full form for the term PCNOK?

The full form for the term PCNOK is already mention above, it says that PCNOK stands for Patient Care Network of Oklahoma. This is the network that makes everything possible for you, for example, data analytics programs, intervention techniques, and care coordination information is available for each and every person. However, to get qualified this is the organization you must meet certain criteria and this includes some series of prospective grants to create infrastructure and reform the process properly.

This is an agreement that will be allowing the people to promote overall care, cost, and quality responsibility. The revenue of this organization is around less than five million dollars. Therefore, as a result, PCNOK’s governing board is having a proper authorize genuine conclusion for which the arrangement is reasonable. But this is not everything about PCNOK, there are some special points that you need to know about PCNOK. Continue reading.

New Innovations: The members of the PCNOK are there to collaborate to improve care delivery innovation. Some of the innovations that can be improve are here. For example, the integration of mental health, telehealth, care teams, and health coaches into the scope of primary care and everything.

Impact: PCNOK is an organization that servers around 77 Oklahoma counties.  You need to know that this is the comprehensive care paradigm. This is something that can easily include all stages of life, from prenatal care to geriatric care.

Leadership: This is the impact that can easily make out the use of community collaborations, social determinants of health, and integration concepts for assisting out the individuals in achieving out great wellness and health.

Hence, this is all that you need to know about the term PCNOK. However, there is a lot that you can study but this is enough for the time being. In case, you are having the interested to know more or are thinking to clear queries. Then we would say that you need to comment down.


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