Get To Know All About The PU Soles Shoes Online

PU soles are created from a new type of organic polymer substance called polyurethane. It’s been dubbed the “fifth big plastic,” and it’s about to change the shoe business.

PU soles currently have a market value of USD 4.55 billion, with a forecast of USD 5.79 billion by 2023. According to research, APAC, or the Asia Pacific, is the largest market for PU soles, and with good reason. This sole is ideal for these areas because of its exceptional durability, affordability, and comfort.

How did PU shoes come to the market?

It is common knowledge that every shoe manufacturer and customer seeks out footwear that is durable and comfy. This is where the PU sole shoes online come into play. It features unrivaled comfort, pressure adaptability, and long-lasting mechanical characteristics that keep it going.

Vulcanized rubber and leather are the only two primary competitors for PU soles. However, both of these choices have significant downsides that PU soles have effectively addressed, such as allowing your feet to breathe and rapid wear and tear, to name a few.

However, new competitors such as thermoplastic polyurethane and compact sprayed polyurethane with RPU technology have emerged as technology advances. While these titles may appear intimidating and a little too high-tech to be worn on the feet, they serve a specific purpose.

How many soles are there?

  1. Outsoles: Made of high-quality polyurethane (PU) material, outsoles are light, have great long-term mechanical qualities, and provide the best grip, water resistance, and shock absorption for any footwear.
  2. Midsoles: A firm midsole made of high-quality polyurethane (PU) material provides optimal impact protection. It has excellent shock absorption and cushioning.
  3. Insoles: Designed to provide your feet extra comfort and support. The removable insoles help to keep odor and moisture at bay while also absorbing shock for a comfortable fit.

Types of PU soles shoes 

Running shoes

PU soles shoes online are the best choice for jogging shoes because of their high level of comfort and stress absorption. Furthermore, PU soles have excellent slip resistance, low density, and minimizing wear and tear. Last but not least, PU soles are extremely lightweight, making them ideal for running.

Comfortable walking shoes

Walking shoes require soles that can take a beating. Because walking shoes are worn for longer periods than running or jogging shoes, it is critical to have a sole that can withstand rigorous wear and keeps the feet pleasant.

Protective footwear

Double density PU sole safety shoes are ideal soles for safety shoes due to their small weight and resistance to wear and tear. To add to the list of advantages, PU soles are also water-resistant, which strengthens their case.


When it comes to choosing the best shoes, all required is to get PU shoes in a reasonable price range. The feature of comfort and durability is also icing on the cake. So get ready to go on a search for the best PU shoes right now and take advantage of the enticing bargains at a fantastic selection of stylish shoes.


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